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La Baume Grande Olivette - Sauvignon

La Baume Grande Olivette - Sauvignon
La Baume Grande Olivette - Sauvignon
La Baume Grande Olivette - Sauvignon
Designation : Sauvignon Blanc Vin de Pays d'OC IGP
Vintage : 2013
Grape varieties : Sauvignon Blanc from the vineyards of Central France
(Sancerre, Pouilly). It has adjusted very well to the more
southern environment.
Origin : The vineyards of Pays d'Oc are the largest in the world,
three times those of Bordeaux and six times those of
Australia. Located between the southern Côtes du Rhône
and Carcassonne.
Vinification : The grapes are harvested when just ripe. They are
rapidly pressed. The must is racked at a low temperature
for about 12 hours with SO2 and seeded with yeast.
Fermented at a low teperature (17 - 19° C). Alcoholic
fermentation : 1 week. The wine is fined and stored under
inert gas at a low temperature.
Soil : Varied over the whole producing area : this vatful has
been especially selected on cly-chalky and stony soils.
Country origin : FRANCE
Sensory characteristic :
Colour : Clear, very pale yellow with faint green highlights.
Nose :
Very expressive with notes of white flowers, pineapple,
tropical fruit and mineral tones.
Palate :
Round and pleasing, fine balance, with notes of lemon
and grapefruit.
Recommendations : Fine wine that goes perfectly well with seafood, white
meat and some cheeses.
Serving condition in C° : To be served between 10 and 12°C.
Alcohol content : 13.5
Cellar potential : Up to 1 year
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